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Quick-wear Tool Bag Belt

Quick-wear Tool Bag Belt

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Perfect storage

Thanks to the many loops (8 pieces) you can hold all important tools securely in place. The loops have been optimized and now offer enough space even for larger tools.In addition. there are now 4 bit holders and a loop for a bit extension or carpenter's pencil Up to 6.9 inch smartphones find their place and are optimally protected.

For professionals and DIY enthusiasts

This lightweight and durable holster is ideal for professionals who need easy access to their tools on the go.

Easy to put on and take off

  • Extremely robust material
  • Leg strap is fully adjustable and removable
  • 2 belt loops with adjustable fastener
  • 1 horizontal leg strap with wide quick-release fastener

Hilft dir immer eine Hand frei zu haben und lässt dich sicher und effektiv arbeiten!

Wider loops now make it possible to stow a variety of tools.

An integrated bit holder with an additional loop for an extension rounds off the new L' Loop holster.

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