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MK II Survival System - Walking Stick

MK II Survival System - Walking Stick

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•  Prepped for most situations
•  Easy access to a variety of tools
•  Reliable construction (Aerospace durability)


• Combines hundreds of dollars worth of tools into one effective alternative.

• Body made using super strong machined aluminium alloy strong enough to hold a person's weight.

• Tools forged from heat-treated solid steel for maximum durability.

• Rust. water. heat and fracture resistance. Handle abuse and impact without dents or scratches.

• Fits neatly into any small bag or simply have it out and use as a walking stick.




1. Multifunctional built-in knife (can cut. insert fish. and attack)

2. Can be connected to stick body(different lengths and quantities are different-high density. high strength material)

3. Flat cover/Flint fire starter

4. Tungsten steel tip (Breaker)




Body material: 6061-T6 aluminium alloy (tensile strength of over 45.000). Often found used in car chassis. aircrafts and boats.

Tool material: 420 High carbon stainless steel

Walking stick head: Tungsten steel tip (the strongest natural metal known to man)

Black Oxide is used to coat the body for an extra layer of protection. This coating adds to the corrosive resistance and protects your tool against scratches.

Total length 107cm .Weight: 400g

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